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You’ve got your blog on WordPress: Yaaay! Now, it’s time to make it the next internet sensation.  Wordpress is well-know for its ease of installation, quick customization and of course WordPress Plugins to make your blog standout form the crowd.  That is why millions of blogs and websites around the globe are powered with WordPress.

Plugins can easily extend your WordPress powered blog or website to do anything you imagine. This also allows non-technical persons to easily add new functionality to there WordPress blog. Apart from extending the functionality, plugins can save a lot of time and hassle. Plus you can always search, download, rate and comment on WordPress official plugin directory.

However, using too many plugins can actually slow down your site. Therefore,it is very important to find the right balance between site functionality and speed. But with so much variety to choose from, finding the right plugin not only becomes frustrating but also very time-consuming. So to make your job easier let us present you with our hand-picked list of best FREE must-have WordPress Plugins that will super-charge your blog right now.

1. Better WP Security

better-wp-security wordpress plugin

Apart from all the good things , WordPress can lack security if not properly taken care of.  This plugin is the most easiest yet effective way to prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked and getting more secured. After installing the plugin, this plugin can show you a list of vulnerabilities and how to fix them.  It works on a principle of Obscure, Protect, Detect and Recover. With just one click you can harden your WordPress security.

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2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress-seo wordpress plugin

Now you can improve your WordPress SEO easily: this plugin allows you to write better content and have a fully SEO optimized WordPress blog or website. It includes page analysis to check simple SEO things that you can easily forget. You can easily write meta titles and descriptions for all your category, tag and custom taxonomy archives, giving you the option to further optimize those pages. This plugin also includes XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, Breadcrumbs, Editing your .htaccess and robots.txt file, Social integration and much more. After this plugin, you will never need separate plugins for each functionality.

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3. WP

wp-smushit wordpress plugin is a yahoo powered online service which allows you to remove useless bytes from any image without compromising your image quality. This plugin reduces image file sizes and improves performance using the Yahoo API within WordPress. And the best part is that everything is done automatically, yup yo got it right – just install this plugin and it takes care of everything else. This plugin can improve your WordPress website or blog performance.

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4. WP – Optimize


This plugin allows you to easily cleanup database and optimize it. It doesn’t require PhpMyAdmin to optimize your database tables. It also allows you to remove post revisions, comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments within few clicks. WP-Optimize reports which database tables have overhead and wasted spaces also it allows you to shrink and get rid of those wasted spaces. You can save wasted memory and speed up your WordPress website or blog with this plugin.

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5- Shortcodes Ultimate


You need to make your pages and posts more attractive and appealing to grab more attention and to increase readability. With this plugin you can easily create buttons, boxes, different sliders and much, much more. The shortcodes are very easy to add and can turn your free theme more like a premium one.

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6- Fancier Author Box


Author box can be very important for your WordPress blog especially when you allow guest posts on your website. This free plugin allows you to add a bio description, Gravatar powered profile picture, social profiles icons, latest posts tab and a designation link.You can also buy the paid version for more options.

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7- Disqus Comment System


The Disqus comment system is one of the best replacement for your default WordPress comment system. As your comments are hosted on Disqus therefore you will save memory. Some of the best features of this plugin are Comments indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly), full spam filtering, threaded comments and much more

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8- Digg Digg


You will never need another floating share bar after installing Digg Digg.You can display all social sharing buttons nicely on your blog and make it look amazing, just like Mashable.It includes Lazy loading to increase website performance, Left or right scrolling effect like, Great customization options and displays all popular social sharing buttons with counts.

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9- Nrelate Flyout


With this plugin you can easily display related content from your website, in a cool flyout box … similarly to . With this plugin you can reduce your bounce rate and can increase more page-views. You can customize its looks from given set styles or designing your own. Now you least viewed posts will also be visible.

P.S: Also check out nrelate other free WordPress plugins.

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10 – CloudFlare


This CloudFlare WordPress Plugin ensures your WordPress blog is running optimally on the CloudFlare platform. So what is Cloudflare? it is a service that makes websites load faster and protects sites from online spammers and hackers. Sign up is very quick and easy.

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11- Primary Feedburner

Feedburner allows you to create and manage your feeds quick and easy. This plugin allows you to redirect visitors to your website feed to Feedburner. This will allow you to customize and track your feeds in ways that simply aren’t possible with just WordPress. Must-have is your are using Feedburner.

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12- Google Analytics for WordPress

This is another great plugin provided by Yoast. This plugin allows you to track your WordPress site easily and with lots of metadata: views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews. You will need a Google Analytics account.

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13- Clicky by Yoast

Yup, another Yoast plugin , this plugin Integrates the Clicky web analytics service into your blog. Click this link to learn more about Clicky.

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14- Juiz Last Tweet Widget


This plugin allows you to add a widget to your sidebar to show your latest tweet(s) with style and without JavaScript. And with options like Retweet, Favorite and Reply links. You can see live preview of this widget on our website sidebar

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